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A Dillar, A Dollar A Twelve O' Clock Scholar
A Farmer Went Trotting
All For Want Of A Nail
An Icicle
As I Was Going Along
A Swarm of Bees
A Week of Birthdays
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Baby Bunting
Banbury Cross
Bell Horses
Blow, Wind Blow
Bobby Shaft
Bow Wow, Says The Dog
Boys and Girls
Brian O' Lin
Caesar's Song
Cock A Doodle Doo
Cock Robin Courting
Curly Locks
Daffy Down Dilly
Dance, Little Baby
Dance to Your Daddie
Dickory, Dickory Dock
Diddle, Diddle Dumpling
Ding, Dong Bell
Doctor Foster
Fingers and Toes
For Every Evil
Four and Twenty Tailors
Georgy Porgy
Girls and Boys
Goosey, Goosey Gander
Granny Lullaby
Handy Pandy
Hark, Hark!
Hey, Diddle Diddle!
Higgly Piggley
Hush a Bye
If Wishes Were Horses
I Had A Little Pony
I Like Little Pussy
I Love Sixpence
I Saw Ship Sailing
I Tell You A Story
Jack and Jill
Jack Sprat
Jumping Joan
Lady Bird
Lion and the Unicorn
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Little Gwen Journey
Little Jack Horner
Little Polly Flinders
Little, Little Mouse
Little Tom Tucker
London Bridge
Lubin Loo
Lucy Locket
Man and Wife
Margery Daw
Mary's Lamb
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
My Boy Tammie
My Little Old Man and I
My Maid, Mary
Needles and Pins
Nothing At All
Of Arithmetic
Of Washing
Of Wishes Were Horses
Oh Dear!
Old King Cole
Old Mother Hubbard
One Misty Moisty Morning
One, Two
One, Two Three, Four Legs
Orange and Lemons
Over the Water to Charley
Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake!
Polly and Sukey
Punch and Judy
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat!
Rock a By!
Round the Bramble Bush
Saint Ives
Saint Within Day
Simple Simon
Sing A Song of Sixpence
Solomon Grundy
Sulky Sue
Ten Fingers
The Black Smith
The Boy and the Sparrow
The Boy in the Barn
The Boys and the Sparrow
The Carion Crow
The Cuckoo
The Days of Christmas
The Days of the Month
The Death and Burial of Cock Robin
The Fifth of November
The Fox and the Goose
The Hart
The House that Jack Built
The Kilkenny Cats
The King of France
The Little Bird
The Little Husband
The Little Kittens
The Little Man and His Little Gun
The Little Nut Tree
The Man and His Calf
The Man and The Robbers
The Man in the Wilderness
The Man od Thessaly
The Miller of Dee
The Mist
The Months
The North Wind Doth Blow
The Old Woman of Norwich
The Old Woman Tossed in a Blanket
The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe
There Was A Little Girl
There Was A Liitle Man
There Was An Old Woman
The Spider and the Fly
The Tarts
The Tongs
The Ways of the Wind
The Widow of Babylon
The Wren and the Dove
Three Blind Mice
Three Children Sliding
Three Crows
Three Jolly Welsh Men
Three Men in a Tub
Toad and Frog
To Bed!
To Market, To Market!
Tom, the Piper's Son I
Tom, The Piper's Son II
Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dee
Twinke, Twinkle Little Star
Two Little Birds
Two Little Dogs
Two Ts
Up Pippen Hill
Wee Willie Winkie
Where Are Your Going To, My Pretty Maid?




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