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Noah's Big Boat

Genesis 6:9-8:22

People on earth had become bad. Noah was the only good man. God decided to flood the earth with water. So, He told Noah to build a big boat to save his family. God sent two of each animal for Noah to put on the boat.

It rained for forty days and nights. Water covered everything. But everyone on the big boat was safe and dry.


Where is Noah in the picture?




Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Always try to be kind to each other.

1 Thessalonians 5:15

Bible Fun "Me first!" Jesus taught that to be first you must be a servant of all. That concept is hard for children! It begins with recognizing the needs of others and trying to satisfy those needs. As you look at books with your child, play a "What does it need?" game. Point to various people and animals and ask your child what each needs. Perhaps he will think of food, shelter, or a hug. Your child will be starting the lifelong task of putting others first.


Helping the Baby-Sitter

Lesson Focus: Jesus teaches us to help each other.

Mrs. Ferguson took Brenda, Shawna, and Sherri to the store. It was a hot day so the children felt hungry and thirsty when they got back to Mrs. Ferguson's.

"Drink, please," said Shawna. "Cracker, please," said Sherri, "Peanut butter on a cracker," said Brenda. "And raisins."

"Dear me," said Mrs. Ferguson.

"I can't get everything at once." "Drink," said Shawna. "Cracker," said Sherri.

But Mrs. Ferguson decided to unpack the groceries first. The children saw that she was tired too.

So Shawna ran to get the cups. Sherri ran to get the crackers. And Brenda shook the can of orange juice. Soon the children were ready with a snack for everyone.

Family Fun When your child needs a snack, encourage him or her to help prepare the snack. Then suggest that your little one help you serve the snack to someone.




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