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Leaving Egypt

Exodus 7:10-12:33, 14:30-31

Moses and his brother Aaron went to see the king of Egypt. They said, "God wants you to let His people leave Egypt." The king said, "No." So, God made ten terrible things happen to Egypt.

Finally, the king let God's people go. And Moses led them out of Egypt so they wouldn't be slaves.










Can you point to the king of Egypt?





Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Always try to be kind to each other.

1 Thessalonians 5:15


Bible Fun Take the Bible story a step further by relating the story to your child's present-day life. Share the Bible story with all the members of your family and play a game called "Remember the forgiving king." When someone in the family is angry with someone else, challenge that family member to find something kind to do for the person with whom he or she is angry, saying "Remember the forgiving king." Then everyone will learn how to show forgiveness.


Building Blocks

Lesson Focus: Jesus teaches us to forgive.

Carlos was-building with three blocks: One-two-three. (Count) Michael woke up from his nap and rushed outside to find Carlos.

Crash! Michael bumped into the blocks; and they fell down.

Mrs. Ferguson said, "Michael, you made the blocks fall down. Carlos feels sad." (Make a sad face.)

Michael wanted Carlos to be happy again. He picked up the blocks and put them by Carlos.

Mrs. Ferguson said, "Carlos; Michael is showing you he is sorry. He wants you to forgive him."

Carlos said, "That's all right.

Let's build a big tower, Michael."

And they built one-two-three¬four-five-six blocks together! (Count on your fingers with your child.)

Family Fun You are a role model as you show forgiveness to your child. Suggest acceptable activities to replace unacceptable ones. Count to three, hug, and laugh together.




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