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Joseph's Special Coat

Genesis 37, 39:1-6

Jacob had twelve sons, and Joseph was his favorite. Jacob gave Joseph a special coat.

Then Joseph's brothers became angry. They sold Joseph to some men going to Egypt.

Joseph became a slave for one of the king's workers. And that's just where God wanted him to be.

What colors are in Joseph's coat?




Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Always try to be kind to each other.

1 Thessalonians 5:15


Bible Fun This week you and your child can share God's love. Even though it is not Valentine's Day, make mini-valentines from scrap paper. Hide a few around your child's room, under her plate, in a pocket. When she finds one, say "I love you." The two of you can share your love and cheer others. Draw simple hearts on postcards and let your child color them. Add a message of God's love and send cards to friends or neighbors.


A Kindness Song

Lesson Focus: Jesus teaches us to love.


Brenda came downstairs just as Mrs. Ferguson's yarn fell. Brenda ran to pick it up.

"Thank you, Brenda," said Mrs. Ferguson. "That was a kind thing to do. It makes me think of a song." Brenda ran to get my yarn, Get my yarn, get my yarn. That was very kind of her. Thank you, Brenda! Carlos said, "Mrs, Ferguson, let's sing about you making lemonade."

Mrs. Ferguson made lemonade, Lemonade, lemonade.

That was very kind of her. Thank you, Mrs. Ferguson.

They all laughed because Mrs. Ferguson's name sounded funny in the song. But they all loved one another and showed their love, Family Fun Make up words to the tune of "London Bridge Is Failing Down" whenever your child does a kind thing for someone.




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