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Bible Story For Toddler presents over 40 Bible Story written for Toddler. All Bible Stories For Toddler are illustrated and have audio podcasts. Click on the Toddler Bible Story you want to go to the story page.






God Made The World Ruth and Naomi

Adam and Eve

David and the Giant
Noah's Big Boat King David
Joseph's Special Coat Solomon Is Wise
Baby Moses Brave Queen Esther
A Burning Bush My Shepherd
Leaving Egypt Advice to Children
God's Ten Laws Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Jericho's Walls Fall Down Daniel and the Lions
Samson and Delilah Jonah and the Big Fish



John Is Born Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

Jesus Is Born

Lazarus Lives Again
The Shepherds Jesus' Last Supper
The Wise Men Good News
The Boy Jesus Jesus Goes Back to Heaven
Jesus Feeds Five Thousand People Jesus' Followers Share
Jesus Stops a Storm Saul Meets Jesus
Jesus and the Children Peter and the Angel
Jesus and the Blind Man Love Other People
The Wasteful Son Obey Your Parents
  Help Others
  Jesus Will Come Back




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