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God's Ten Laws

Exodus 20:1-17, 24:12-14, 32:15-16

After God's people left Egypt, God gave them ten laws.

He wanted them to obey these laws. He wrote the laws on big stones and gave the stones to Moses.

These ten laws helped God's people to be pure and holy. The laws are called the Ten Commandments.








What is Moses holding?



Preschool Sunday School Idea

Action Rhyme

Use this rhyme to help your child recall the Unit Memory Verse. The verse is the first line of the poem.


Jesus went around doing good.

(March in place.)

He taught His friends how to pray.

(Fold hands.)

Jesus made people feel well again.

(Reach over head and stretch.)

He forgave them

And helped them obey.

(Hold hands in front of you palms up.)


Family Time

Show your approval of a good thing your child did for a family member by recalling it at bedtime. Thank God for a specific thing she did that day. Tell her how happy you feel because of her good behavior.

You know better than anyone that your small child has a large capacity for love. However, preschoolers sometimes need help to show the love they feel. Ask your lithe one's help in fetching a pillow or other small item. What you see as just more steps is to your child a game with the reward of your positive attention. Be specific when you say that what your child did was good—say that it was kind, that it helped you, and that it made both you and Jesus happy.

If your child is good in church, point out exactly what it was that made the experience pleasant. Say that you especially liked how your child sat still, or prayed with folded hands, or sang the songs.

Make up simple stories with two endings and let your child decide which ending Jesus would like.

With dolls or puppets and toys, show your child a typical family situation and decide together a way to be helpful.

Take short break times throughout the day to recall together some of the good things your child has done. It's easier to remember the positive events of the day after they just happened. You can also use these times to plan some other ways your child can do good things. Share these positive events with family members during your family meal.




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