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Daniel and the Lions

Daniel 6:1-23


King Darius made a law for people not to pray to

God. But Daniel kept praying to God three times a day. So, the king threw Daniel in a den of lions. God loved Daniel and kept the lions from hurting him. The king was surprised to find Daniel alive. Then King Darius believed in God, too.



Where is the lion?

Preschool Sunday School Idea

Growing Up

How was your day, Danny?" As Danny tells all the wonderful things that he experienced in his day as a preschooler, it can be a wonder to parents. Here is this little child who has, almost suddenly, become able to put thoughts into words, is so full of eagerness to learn by asking many "why" questions, and is always growing out of clothes. Time seems to have moved quickly from when our children were babies, When we attempt to teach these children who are growing so rapidly, we know that we need ot of love and wisdom, And we know God will give this to us when we ask Him for it.

One of the things we want to teach our preschoolers early is that they can talk not only about God, but to God. In fact, they can do so just as matter-of-factly as they drink from a cup or eat with a spoon.

Learning to pray is an important part of growing up spiritually. Preschoolers can listen as we pray and learn to say simple prayers with us. We should use words our children understand; and when we have them memorize prayers, we should talk about why these are good words to say to God.



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