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Adam and Eve

Genesis 1:26-2:25

The man and woman God made were named Adam and Eve. They lived in a beautiful garden called Eden. They took care of the garden for God. The garden was full of wonderful fruit trees and plants. God let Adam name all the animals.

Adam and Eve were very happy in Eden.


Can you find the lion in the picture?




Preschool Sunday School Idea


Bible Words: God sent his Son.

Galatians 4:4

Bible Fun During this week, point out to your child some ways

that you receive news. Your child will enjoy helping you get the mail or bring in the newspaper. Include your child in phone conversations you have with friends and relatives you hear from this time of the year. Remind your child that God sent a wonderful message to Mary and Joseph. God promised to send His Son, Jesus. Several times a day you might play a simple game by asking, "What was the wonderful message the angel told Mary and Joseph?" Help your child reply, "God sent His Son." That is the best news of all.


Brenda’s Good News Day

Lesson Focus: God sent a wonderful message

Brenda practiced saying her Bible verse while Mother pinned her angel costume. Susan hung up the phone. “Good news! Aunt Jill and Uncle Dave can come for Christmas.”

Jeff came running in with the mail and said, “Guess what! I got a card from my friend. He’s coming to see me.”

Brenda said, “I didn’t get a phone call or a card.”

Mother smiled and said, “But you

have the best news of all.”

“Where did I get it?” asked Brenda.

“From your Bible memory verse.” said Mother. “Let say it together.”

Brenda and Mother said, “God sent His Son. That is good news!”

Family Fun To help prepare your child to celebrate Christmas, display a Nativity set. Sing Christmas songs together and look at a Christmas story picture book.






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