The Servant Of All

John 13



Right before Passover, Jesus shared a special meal with His disciples. It was almost time to return to the Father, and Jesus wanted to show His disciples how much He loved them. So He wrapped a towel around His waist and poured water into a bowl, just as a servant would do. Then He knelt before Simon Peter.

"No!" said Peter. "You can't wash my feet."

"If I don't wash you, you are not part of Me," explained Jesus.

"Oh," said Peter, "then wash all of me!"

"Only your feet need to be washed," said Jesus as He continued washing. "You see, a person who has already bathed is clean, but his feet gets dirty when he walks along the road." After Jesus washed all the disciples's feet, He sat back down.

"Do you know why I did this?" He asked. " You call me Lord, and that is right. But today I gave you something to remember. See how I served you. I want you to serve each other in the same way. And if you do these things, you will be blessed."


Jesus Gives a New Command


The idea of the "new command" is not that it was brand new and had never been heard before. The idea is more of a "renewed command". The old command is given in a fresh way.

Since the Old Testament times, God has told us we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Jesus went farther - we should love others as Jesus loves us. He laid down his life for us. Our lives also belong to each other. People know we're Christians bythe kind of love we have for others.