Isaac and Rebekah

Genesis 24


One day, Abraham said to his servant, "Promise me you will return to my home land to find a good wife for Isaac."

"Shouldn't Isaac come along to pick out his bride?"

"No, Isaac must not go," said Abraham. "God has promised to increase my family. God will help you."

So the servant took ten camels loaded with many gifts, and traveled to Abraham's homeland. When he arrived, he and the camels were very thirsty. He stopped by a spring and prayed, "God, please help me find a good wife for Isaac. When I ask a girl for a drink, let her offer to get water for all of my camels also."

Soon a beautiful girl named Rebekah came and filled her jar with water.

"Please, may I have a drink?" the servant asked.

"Certainly," she said with a smile. "And when you're done, let me also draw water for your camels." She worked hard, and then invited him to stay at her father's home. The servant told her family about Abraham and Isaac, and how he had prayed for God to show him the right woman for Isaac's wife. Rebekah's family loved her dearly, but they believed the servant. They asked Rebekah if she wanted to return with the servant to become Isaac's wife.

Rebekah said, "Yes!"