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The Tower of Babel

Genesis 11



After the flood, people filled the earth again. And they all spoke the same language and could talk to each other.

They wanted to build a gigantic tower that could reach all the way to heaven. This tower would make them feel very same important. But God said, "If speaking the language makes them think they can build a tower to heaven, then I will give them all different languages." And He did. Now when they spoke, strange words came out! They could no longer understand each other. And so they could no longer build their tower up to heaven.

Why Was the Tower of Babel Bad?


The people wanted to build a tower that would reach the sky. The problem with their wnting to do this was that they were bulding it as a tribute to themselves, not to God. They thought the tower would sserve as a way to keep their people together.

Man people make the same mistake today. They want everyone to notice the "tower" they are building to honor themselves. Their tower may be a big house, a big bank account, a big name in town, or anything that taks first place in their lives, other than God. We are free to us God's gifts, but they should not lead us to think we are greater than God.




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