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Saul Sees the Light

Acts 9



A man named Saul hated the followers of Jesus. He wanted to see them all locked up in prison. One day, as Saul traveled to Damascus, a bright light from heaven flashed down upon him and he fell to the ground.

"Saul! Saul!" said a voice. "Why do you hate Me so?" "Who are You?" asked Saul.

"I am Jesus," replied the voice. "Now get up and go to the city. You'll be told what you must do." But when Saul got up, he could not see. He was completely blind! He was led to Damascus. And for three days Saul did not eat or drink. He only prayed.

Finally, God sent Ananias to visit Saul. Ananias was worried, because he knew that Saul hated Jesus' followers. But he went, just as God told him. He put his hands on Saul and prayed. Instantly, Saul was able to see again. He was baptized, and then spent time learning about Jesus from the disciples. Soon Saul was telling everyone about Jesus–the same Man he used to hate. Saul was like a brand-new man, and he began to go by a new name. He became known as Paul.


An Enemy's Heart is Changed


Can people become Christians only when they hear an eloquent and beautiful message spoken with logic that cleverly convinces the hearers? Saul had heard the Christian message - and he rejected it at first.

Then Jesus himself came to Saul, and he couldn't argue with Jesus' message now. Saul changed his mind because Christ changed his heart. Saul couldn't deny the blinding power of God, nor his miraculous healing.

Sometimes we are too stubborn to hear the message of the gospel. Sometimes we need to be convinced in a painful way about God's truth. Saul went on to take the gospel to many nations as a result of his unforgettable conversion. Who in your community needs to hear about God's love?





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