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Paul's Shipwreck Adventure

Acts 27-28









Paul became a mighty preacher for Jesus, telling everyone far and wide about Jesus. But when he went to Jerusalem to preach, the Jews made trouble for him. He was beaten and arrested again and again. But that didn't stop Paul! And each time he stood before the officials, he told how Jesus had changed his life. So more and more people heard the good news.

Finally, Paul was put on a ship with other prisoners. When a horrible storm came up, God showed Paul that the ship would be wrecked, but everyone who stayed on board would be spared and make it safely to an island. Paul told the others about this.

It happened just as Paul said. The ship was wrecked, but they all made it safely to the island of Malta. On the island, Paul gathered some wood for a fire, but a deadly snake jumped out and bit him! The islanders said, "That prisoner must be very bad. Now he will get what he deserves." But when Paul didn't even get sick, they said, "This man must be a god." Then Paul was invited to stay in the home of an important man. The man's father was very ill, but when Paul prayed, the man was healed.

God used Paul's shipwreck to bring the good news to the island of Malta. And when Paul was put back in prison, God helped him write letters to encourage others.


A Profitable Shipwreck


Paul and his shipmates probably wold have been thankful just to reach dry ground safely. But there was another plan behind this shipwreck on Malta. The governor of this island, Publius, and his family were targets for God's saving message. So were many of the othe rpeople of this island. Paul was able to deliver the gospel to an entire island!

We experience disruptions in our plans, too. But don't be upset when plans are interrupted. God usually has a reason for the distraction. Let's keep our eyes open for these opportunities.



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