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King Saul

1 Samuel 16 -- Send Unlimited Cards 

Samuel warned Israel that getting a king would bring problems, but the people would not listen. They wanted to be like all the other countries who had kings.

There was a young man named Saul who was very tall and handsome. One day, he and a servant were out looking for a herd of lost donkeys that his father owned. They went for miles and miles, and finally Saul wanted to go back home. But the servant said, "There is a prophet in this town. Maybe he can tell us where the donkeys are." So Saul and the servant went to see Samuel.

God had told Samuel the day before that a stranger would come to town—the man chosen by God to rule Israel. Samuel met Saul and said, "I am the one you're looking for. Your donkeys have been found. Now God wants to bless you and your family." Then Samuel invited Saul to an important dinner. He seated Saul at the head of the table.

The next morning, Samuel poured oil on Saul's head and said, "God has chosen you to lead his people. God's spirit will come upon you, and God will help you to rule his people." After Saul left, all that Samuel said took place.







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